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2016 ASU locust team offers a helping hand Arizona State University, July 14, 2016 Workshop on bioecology, impact, and management of locusts and grasshoppers Senasa, May 6, 2016 Sustainability @ ASU magazine: Cover feature Arizona State University, June 2016 How to stop a plague of locusts Motherboard, Jan 28, 2016 2015 Australian locust activity under the microscope of US researchers Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Nov 15, 2015 ASU scientist who studies locust swarms named to Popular Science's Brilliant 10 ASU News, Sep 23, 2015 Brilliant 10: Arianne Cease prevents biblical plagues with modern data Popular Science magazine, Sep 23, 2015 On the lookout for locusts ASU's Ask A Biologist, Sep 2015 On the lookout for locusts Career Path Podcast ASU's Ask A Biologist, Sep 2015 podcast 79 ASU's Ask A Biologist, Sep 2015 ASU professor has love bug for locusts The State Press, Sep 2015 2014 The Science Show with Robyn Williams, ABC Australia radio interview July 26, 2014 2013 Avoiding locust outbreaks worldwide Far Eastern Agriculture, page 35, November, 2013 Agricultural Economist to help explore sustainable ways to manage locust outbreaks worldwide Colorado State University, October 4, 2013 McGill’s Robinson to help explore sustainable ways to manage locust outbreaks worldwide McGill University, October 2, 2013 Linking land use and locusts Yale University, October 2, 2013 ASU researchers develop sustainable ways to manage locust outbreaks worldwide Arizona State University, September 30, 2013 Locusts prefer to eat poor quality pastures: Uni of Sydney research New South Wales Country Hour by Michael Condon, ABC Australia radio interview, September 23, 2013 Keeping locusts at bay Sydney Morning Herald, September 11, 2013 2012 Locust repellents Down to Earth magazine, India, February 29, 2012 Overgrazing Linked to Locust Outbreaks Voice of America, February 25, 2012 Genesis of a Plague Time Magazine, infographic, page 18, February 13, 2012 For Locusts, Overgrazed Land Is a Treat New York Times Green Blog, February 1, 2012 Nitrogen fertiliser 'could prevent locust swarms' Science and Development Network, January 27, 2012 Heavy Livestock Grazing Promotes Locust Outbreaks by Lowering Plant Nitrogen Content Science Magazine, podcast' January 27, 2012 Überweidung fördert Insektenplage (Overgrazing promotes insect infestation) Deutschlandfunk, radio interview, January 27, 2012 Locust Heaven This week in SCIENCE, January 27, 2012 Slideshow: Low‐Quality Plants Power Locust Outbreak ScienceNow, January 26, 2012 Live interview BBC World Service, January 26, 2012 Science: Protein‐Rich Diets Are Harmful to North Asian Locust AAAS News, January 26, 2012 Overgrazed grasslands tied to locust outbreaks Arizona State University, January 24, 2012 Grasshopper swarms take young researcher to China Arizona State University, November 9, 2010